Safety Switch Installation Mistakes That Could Cost Your Life

Safety Switch Installation

In Australia, homes are required to have safety switches installed to protect both residents and properties from electrical damages. However, there are a few mistakes associated with the safety switches than can lead to accidental electrocution, causing injury and even death.

Below we have listed four common and easily preventable mistakes people make when it comes to safety switch installations. It is of great value that you understand these potential risks, as it will be the all-important step towards protecting your home and your family.

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Not Knowing if You Actually Have Safety Switches Installed

Failing to find out whether or not your home does in fact have electrical safety switches installed is like accepting a new flat mate without performing a background check.

They could be a reliable upstanding citizen, or they could be a complete psycho. Don’t take the gamble, be safe and find out first.

If your home doesn’t have safety switches installed, you’re not only at risk of damages to your health and your property, but you’re also risking strong financial penalties.

As of 1992 all Australian homes are required by law to have electrical safety switches installed. While in Victoria, it is mandatory for safety switches to be installed on both lighting and power circuits.

Putting Too Much Faith in Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Understanding that fuses and circuit breakers are not the same as safety switches is important for your safety.

Circuit breakers and fuses will break when there is an electrical overload in your home and protect your power boards, appliances and wiring from overheating and catching fire.

However, neither circuit breakers nor fuses by themselves can protect you from electrocution like safety switches can.

Safety switches work by detecting the electrical current in active and neutral circuitry wires. Ideally, this current should be even, and, if an earth leakage is detected, the safety switch will cut the power off to the circuit preventing the current from passing through your body into the earth.

Doing Your Safety Switch Installation Yourself

Like all electrical work, you need to have your safety switches installed by a licensed professional.

Performing your own electrical work not only puts you in danger of fatal electrocution, but can also leave the your home in an unsafe state, potentially increasing the risk of electrocution for you and your family in the future.

Other risks of performing your own electrical work include the inability to claim insurance benefits, severe financial penalties and even prison time in extreme cases causing death.

Failing to Regularly Test Your Safety Switches

There’s no point installing safety switches if they don’t work.

Testing switches is easy and all you need to do is simply press the “TEST” button located on the safety switch. This will simulate an earth leakage and, if working correctly, cut the power to the protected circuit. This test should be performed every three months as suggested by the AS/NZS 3760 2010  (Standards Australia).

If the power is not switched off, you are required to contact a licensed electrician to assess the situation.

Contact a Electrician Melbourne CBD now for a quote on Safety Switch Installation Ph: 1300 SPHERE