Is Your Home Safe? 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Electrical Switchboard Today

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Switchboard Today - Melbourne Electrician

Moving into a new home, or not sure if your current home has an up to date electricity switchboard? It may not be the most important thing on your mind at the moment, but having your switchboard updated IS important for the safety of you home and your family.

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3 Reasons to Have Your Electrical Switchboard Upgraded Today

  1. Safety Switches are Required by Australian Electrical Standards

Australian Electrical Standards are regularly reviewed and updated to comply with modern day electrical demands, usage and safety.

Current electrical standards require that, by law, all lighting and power circuits must have safety switches installed to safeguard your home from electrical hazards.

Safety switches are devices that quickly switch off the power to your home in cases of an electrical fault.

While fuses and circuit breakers can protect your switchboard against electrical overload, safety switches can protect your home and your life, cutting the power in approximately 0.03 seconds after a change in electrical current has been detected.

If your switchboard hasn’t been updated recently, you may be at risk and will need to call a qualified professional electrician to assess and rectify the situation.

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  1. Older Switchboards Cannot Handle Modern Power Demands

Older switchboards were only designed to handle the appliances of their time, which generally included small fans, minor kitchen appliances, and a washing machine.

Today there are more electrical appliances in Australian homes than ever before, draining consistently high levels of power whether they are in use or not.

This, in combination with old wiring, can lead to certain health hazards in your home such as electrical shocks, which are responsible for approximately 15 deaths and 300 hospitalisations in Australia each year.

  1. The Risk of Fire

Old switchboards relying solely on replaceable wires and fuses can pose a high risk of fire.

If you do have an older switchboard in your home and regularly experience blown fuses, it’s generally due to the excess power demands from modern day appliances mentioned above.

The real problem here is, the more these fuses blow the less effective the circuit breaker will be at doing its job and can eventually lead to overloading the system.

Electrical overloads in out-dated switchboards can result in a diminished capacity for safety, causing switchboard components to melt as they overheat and eventually catch fire.

To find out if your switchboard is up to date or to upgrade your system, give us a call and we’ll organise for one of our qualified professional electricians to be ready at your service.

Contact a Melbourne Electrician now for a quote to Upgrade your Switchboard Ph: 1300 SPHERE