Do You Practice Electrical Safety When Working Around the Home?

Do You Practice Electrical Safety When Working Around the Home

Harnessing the power of electricity is no doubt one of humanity’s greatest breakthroughs. And even though it has become a modern day necessity, it can be dangerous for those who fail to practice electrical safety around the home.

It’s important that you always consider electrical hazards when performing any type of home maintenance duties. Following the 5 key tips we’ve outlined for you below will reduce the risks so you can safely continue the upkeep of your home.

A Fundamental Checklist For Electrical Safety In Home Maintenance


When carrying a ladder, make sure you pay close attention and avoid making contact with any overhead electrical wires or cables. Also, ensure that your ladder has rubber feet, as this will reduce the hazards associated with electricity and metal touching the earth.

Drilling Through Walls

Some home maintenance jobs involve breaking, cutting, nailing or drilling through plaster walls, which can be dangerous if you end up piercing your electrical wires.

Usually, most of your wiring runs vertically along the stud where light switches, power points and receptacles are. To be safe never cut, nail, drill or break through the wall near these areas.


Keep all wires clear when mowing your lawns or trimming the hedges in your garden. As many modern gardening tools are now powered by electricity, it is important that you secure the wires in a fashion that won’t see them fall in the way during operation.

Also, always ensure you mow or trim in a direction where the cord trails behind you, to avoid accidentally cutting it.

Check Before You Dig

If you don’t know where underground cables or plumbing pipes are around your home, it’s important you find out first before digging any holes with a shovel or excavator.

Call 1100 or visit this site to lodge an enquiry and find out whether it’s safe to start digging.

Always Have an Electrician Do Your Electrical Work

This one is a no brainer and should always be followed for two important reasons: one, doing your own electrical work is illegal, and two, it’s extremely dangerous.

Always consult a licensed electrician with your plans before installing or moving power points, lights, wires, pool pumps, etc.

Refrain From Electrical Use in Wet Areas

Always avoid using power tools and other appliances in wet areas or outside after it has been raining.

If you have noticed that one of your appliances, like an electric drill, has been submerged in water, you need to dispose of it as soon as possible and never use it again.

Also, refrain from using extension cords to travel from wet to dry areas or visa versa.

Always Wear Shoes With Rubber Soles

If you’re using power tools or electrical gardening equipment it is always important that you wear shoes with protective rubber soles. Unfortunately, many people have either been injured or have lost their lives when working barefoot around electricity.

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