Sphere Electrical Toorak has fully qualified and insured electricians who work round the clock to assist with any electrical jobs you may need done.

We have been servicing the local area for quite a number of years and are committed to providing you with the highest level of service possible.

Sphere Electrical Toorak is primarily concerned with your safety at home so we will make sure we never leave a job unsafe and we will also do our best to identify any potential hazards that may already exist.

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Switchboard upgrades/repairs Toorak

Sphere Electrical Toorak specializes in switchboard upgrades and repairs and we have extensive experience in fault finding and diagnosing tripping switches. If you have an old switchboard and are concerned with the safety of your current electrical switchboard, Sphere Electrical Toorak can assist in identifying the safest fix to increase the safety of your switchboard at home. If you have any concerns with your electrical switchboard or would just like to get it inspected for safety, Sphere Electrical Toorak can help.

Lighting Installation Toorak

Sphere Electrical Toorak can help when you need your lights repaired/replaced or new lights installed at your property. We have loads of experience in installing all kinds of lighting products from down lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, outdoor lights, garden lighting, LED strip lighting and many more, even if you would like us to assist in designing the best light for the area you wish to illuminate we can help. Sphere Electrical Toorak can even assist in drafting electrical lighting plans for new projects which are upcoming so we can work together towards the perfect outcome. Call Sphere Electrical Toorak for all your lighting needs.

Electrical re wiring in Toorak

Sphere Electrical Toorak has re wired many homes in the area so we know what we are dealing with. As most of the homes in Toorak are aged properties, so are the electrical cables. We have improved the safety of many homes in Toorak by replacing the cabling from old to new as some of the old cabling which was used previously has now become unsafe and in some cases caused faults. The old wiring was made from a combination of rubber and cotton and with age the cables outer sheath which is designed to insulate between the conductors, would crumble and leave the active, neutral or earth conductors exposed and dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with them. In this case we would totally remove any old unsafe cabling and install new thermoplastic-sheathed cables which comply with current safety regulations. Our primary goal is to improve the overall safety of your electrical installation at your property.

Emergency Electrician Toorak

Sphere Electrical Toorak has fully qualified emergency electricians on call 24/7. All our experienced technicians have fully stocked company vans which will enable us to complete almost any job on the spot so we can get you back up and running in straight away. Our emergency electrician has extensive experience in fault finding and by constantly doing this sort of work this helps us to rectify any faults that may be present in the quickest time. If your lights are not working, you have some power points not working, your switchboard smells funny, your main switch wont turn back on or you have totally lost power to your home we can definitely help. Call Sphere electrical now to have our experts rectify your fault at your property.

Home theatre Installation Toorak

Sphere Electrical Toorak also has extensive experience in audio/visual installations. We can mount TV’s, run network cabling, install home theatre systems and projectors, configure whole systems, integration with platforms such as SONOS and much more. Sphere Electrical can provide you with a no obligation quote on your home theatre needs today.

Electrician In Toorak

Sphere Electrical provide Electrician services to South-East Melbourne's Toorak. We pride ourselves in providing the highest-level of electrical services for Home and Commercial needs.

Call now if you need an electrician in Toorak, South-East Melbourne

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