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Are you looking for a reliable electrician in Northcote? Look no further! Sphere Electrical is a team of highly experienced Northcote electricians. We will provide you with a fast, effective and affordable solution for all your electrical needs.

Do you have a small job or maybe you need help in an emergency situation. No matter what type of electrical works you are interested in Sphere Electrical works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so we are always ready to help our customers in any situation which they may need. Reliable Northcote electricians will come to your home on time and resolve all your problems quickly and successfully.

If you deal with Sphere Electrical Northcote you will be definitely satisfied with the quality of electrician’s work. We will resolve all your electrical problems effectively and will meet your budget.

Sphere Electrical provides its clients with specials discounts and offers on any electrical services you may need in Northcote.

Do you need to hire a professional electrician in Northcote urgently?
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Northcote Switchboard Repairs

Are you concerned with the state of your switchboard in your Northcote property? Sphere Electrical has reliable switchboard electricians who have a vast array of experience in electrical switchboards and fuse boxes. Our electricians specialize in repairing switchboards and fuse boxes, so if you need the services of a qualified switchboard electrician in Northcote you can rely on Sphere Electrical Northcote to complete your switchboard job in a timely manner and also to carry out the works in accordance with the current AS/NZS3000:2007 wiring rules.

Emergency Electricians Northcote

Emergency situation can happen to anybody at anytime and most times will happen at a time at which we expect them least. So if you need the assistance of an emergency electrician in Northcote look no Further . Sphere Electrical offers emergency electrical services in Northcote and we are specialized in fault finding and rectifying faults within your electrical installation. Sphere Electrical Northcote will aim to attend your job within 1 hour of receiving your call. We carry out in house training in order for our guys to be the best they can in emergency situations. They learn the latest techniques, keep up to date with all the newest technology and practice fault finding techniques in a team environment so that all our electricians are of the same caliber and skill set.

Power Outlet Installation in Northcote

Our Northcote electricians have experience in installing new power points. Would you like to have your faulty switch replaced? Do you need to add a new dedicated circuit? Contact Sphere Electrical for help! Take advantage of our professional power outlet installation services in Northcote! We have seen various situations related to power points and can advise on the best steps to take if you are experiencing issues with your current cabling configurations at home in Northcote. We only use the most reputable power outlets and switches as they are more reliable and every job we carry out comes with a certificate of electrical safety, ensuring your family is safe in your home.

Electrical Rewiring in Northcote

Are you looking for electricians who can help you rewire a home, office or commercial building in Northcote? Sphere Electrical is the answer! Our electricians have huge experience in electrical rewiring. They will come to you in time, study your situation properly and will recommend you the best solution for your needs. There are particular situations, which are not safe, and if we find anything in your electrical installation, which is dangerous, we will immediately inform you of this and also detail the best steps in order to eliminate it. We have experience in all old style of cables including the cotton wire cabling, black rubber cabling, cabling which do not have a working earthing conductor and new cables which have been melted due to overload. We can assist in any of your electrical re wiring jobs in Northcote.

Light Installation in Northcote

Our electricians offer light installation both for commercial and residential buildings in Northcote. They provide a wide range of light installation services in Northcote. We can help you with installing chandeliers, down lights, pendant lights, wall lights and outdoor lighting. If you would like us help you get a better price on a particular light which may have chosen, simply ask us to get you a wholesale price from our suppliers which offer discounts to us because we purchase large amounts of materials from them. We can also help in lighting design. If you feel like you want a total lighting make over Call Us now and we can arrange a consultation with a professional electrician who can help design your new lighting plan for your home in Northcote.

Electrical in Northcote

Sphere Electrical is the right choice for people who want to hire an electrician in Northcote. Our company is located in Northcote so you wont have to pay someone coming from the other side of the city to attend your Northcote property. Our electricians will arrive between the specified time of your booking and will have a fully stocked van so that if you need any works completed on the spot the job can be done. We have serviced the Northcote area for years and understand the configuration of t most of the properties, so if you would like to know more about some part of your electrical installation call Sphere Electrical Northcote today so we can happily assist.

Do you need to hire a professional electrician in Northcote urgently?
Call Sphere Electrical on 1300SPHERE right now!

Ph: 1300 SPHERE

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